Registration and Tuition

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Lakeville: 952-435-1898

Eagan: 651-686-6225



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Registration and Tuition

Enrollment & Registrations taken by phone or in person in Eagan & Lakeville. 

Although a little old-fashioned, this insures your children are in the correct level for the instruction best suited for them.

About Lakeville: (952) 435-1898         About Eagan: (651) 686-6225 

Payment Process listed below Tuition Chart 

Name of Session & Number of Classes    

Tuition listed covers all levels: Water Baby thru Steelfin   ↓
1 2   3 4




in your


Fall 11 Classes $207 $394 $568 $757  
 Fall Racerfin Friday   6 to 7 pm  $295        
Spirit Swim Team   Click For All Info.
Summer Weekly          

Fantastic 5's #1 & #2     Mon., Tues., Wed. or Thurs.    

$94 $179 $258 $344  
Summer Daily          
Great 8's #1 & 2 $150 $287 $413 $550  
Fabulous 4's   #1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 $94 $179 $258 $344  
Adults $100      

Registration Fee of $25 if applicable*

Privates $280 5-30 Min $520 10-30 Min Call to schedule.
Semi-Private / Swimmer.   $230 5-30 Min     Call to schedule.

About Registration

  • Registration begins three (3) months prior to the start of each session. 
  • Please view the upcoming Class Schedule for Summer.  
  • All Classes are 30 minutes in length.  Tadfin - Steelfin are offered Monday-Saturday. Choose the Day that fits your schedule.
  • Registrations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis from both returning and new families for each session.
  • Video_Release_Authorization_Form_for_Family_Swim_School.pdf
 *About Payment 
  • New Families  pay tuition in full along with the New Family Registration Fee of $25.00 (NF fee paid just once). 
  • Returning Families may pay a portion of their tuition with a $40 deposit per child at time of registration, paying the balance on the first day of the session.
  • Tuition is accepted* Cash and Checks are glady accepted. MC, Visa, Discover Credit Cards taken.*    Payment is required at time of registration. 
  • Withdrawal from a session  please refer to the linked pdf.
  • 2nd Generation Swimmers?  Let us know.
  • One Courtesy Make Up Per Session please refer to the linked pdf.

Cancellations and In-House Credit Procedure 
please refer to the linked pdf.
* Interchange Surcharges May apply to payments/credits made with a credit card.

**In-House Credits are valid through 12/31 of the second calendar year of issue posted date.