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Brackett's Crossing Country Club


Join the Country Club Swim Team

Children of BCCC social and golf members may join the summer Youth Swim Team. The Brackett’s Crossing "Racers" is a fun, team oriented program designed as a low key developmental family oriented swim team. The Swim Team is packed full with suits and caps, morning practices. Country Clubs (of the East Side of the Mississippi) hold league Swim Meets, and an annual Parent – Child Swim Contest. Team sign up and inclement weather days are held at the Lakeville Family Swim School.

Team Suits & Competitive Swim Gear

2018 Seasons Suit is A3's Royal blue polyester endurance. Endurance suits are made to withstand pool water over a longer time than their Lycra counterpart. This new suit will sport a BCCC logo. Photo's of both the jammers and suits are on the order form. Try-on for size is required. Racer Team Registration and Team Suit Try On will be Saturday May 19 @ 3PM at the Lakeville Family Swim School . Swim Teams Coaching Fees are $175.00 for the Season.

Practice & Meet Schedule
  • June 19 White Bear @ Bracketts 8:30 AM Warm up
  • June 21 Town & Country @ Bracketts 8:30 AM Warm up
  • June 26 Jewish Community Center @ Bracketts 8:30 AM Warm up
  • June 28 Bracketts @ St. Paul Tennis Club 12:30 PM Warm up
  • July 10 University Club @ Bracketts 8:30 AM Warm up
  • July 12 Bracketts @ Dellwood Hills 9:30 AM Warm up
  • July 19 Pool & Yacht Club @ Bracketts 8:30 AM Warm up
  • July 24 Annual Parent – Swimmer Swim Meet @ Bracketts 6:00PM
  • July 26 Interclub @ St. Kates 9:00 AM Warm up
  • August 2 Swim Team Award Night @ Bracketts 6:00 PM
The 1st Practice will be Monday June 11 @9:30 - 10:30 at the BCCC Pool.
Practices run Monday-Friday.  The practice and meet schedule is managed through a team site on Shutterfly.
To gain access to this site please contact the Family Swim School at 952-435-1898
in Lakeville and provide an email address.
Swim Instruction & How to Register
Registration is completed through Family Swim School by calling 952-435-1898 for Jellyfin, Starfin, Swordfin, Kingfin & Superfin classes. Class Descriptions for Jellyfin through Superfin

Member Tuition of $ 142.00 is payabale to Family Swim School 

Non-Member Tuition of $ 147.00 is payabale to Family Swim School

  • Weekly Classes are offered for a length of 8 consecutive weeks for 30 minutes each.  
  • Classes meet Wednesday or Friday beginning the last week of June.    View the schedule here for dates.  The option to swim twice a week/both days is available.
  • Class times are at either 11:00 or 11:30 a.m.  
  • Instructional Levels Begin at Jellyfin through Superfin.  Please click to discern which levels are appropriate for your swimmers.
  • Inclement Weather Make-Ups are held at the indoor location of the Family Swim School in Lakeville.  You will be notified via email & phone of any location changes.

Familiarize yourself with the Family Swim School at their website of  familyswim.com to learn more about their instructional program.



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