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Photo Album

Do you have some great photo's or video's of your children's swimming enjoyment?

If so, we would love to share them for a couple of weeks.

Please contact Katherine at 952-435-1898 with any questions or just email us your favorites.

Instructor Sandy (5 years)  with
Tadfins practicing the breaststroke kick.
Celeste and Tadfins
Instructor Celeste (5 years) with
Tadfins practicing their freestyle arms.
Instructor Carol (20 years) with Tadfins
practicing their flutter kicks.
Instructor Charisse (7 years) with
Jellyfins learning their butterfly arms.
The old swimming hole at 
Whitewater State Park, MN.
Carrie 2

Lakeville South High School
Girls and Boys Swim & Dive Teams

Carrie Schrock - State Swimmer
Frank Schrock - Diver

Carrie Frank 2001
Peter & Katherine's children when the
Lakeville Pool was under 
construction in 2001.