Required Swim Diapers

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Required Swim Diapers

The "Required-Swim-Diaper" for swimming

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I-Play Brand
I-Play Brand

Specially made swim diapers are required for all swimmers 3 and under. These cost effective swim diapers are re-usable and are perfect for hand-me downs. A specially made swim diaper has sewn in elastic around the waist and leg openings. For the swim diaper to work properly, these openings must be intact with the swimmers skin. These swim diapers are designed to stop the spread of a solid bowel movement into the pool water. No swim diaper will prevent runny bowels or diarrhea from spreading. Please leave your children home if they are not well.

  • Available Year-Round at Eagan and Lakeville
  • Available from Newborn to 4T
  • I-Play Swim Diaper and Swimster Swim Diaper

Why "Store Brand Swim Diapers" do not work in a pool.

Regular disposable diapers have superabsorbent polymers that soak up fluids. When such a diaper is submerged into water these polymers absorb the water and expand and expand and expand and get very heavy. This weight is not conducive to a buoyant swimming experience. Thus the swim diaper was born. The disposable diaper makers such as Huggies and Pampers Swim Diapers fixed the problem with fullness by taking their "pull-up" design and removed the superabsorbent polymers. What they did not do is put secure elastic around the entire openings to prevent the leakage of a bowel movement. Thus, why they do not work properly in a pool setting. Please do not use a store brand disposable swim diaper.


Why Age 3 and Under

youth reusable swimsterA number of children under the age of 3 may be potty trained. Their experience with the urge on land may be quite different than in the pool. This difference and their ability to communicate fully, may also not be developed by the age of 3. From our experience, it is not the infants and toddlers whose bowels escape but those of children whom are potty trained.

To protect the pool and its swimmers from an accidental oops and to also protect the child's and parents dignity we ask that you adhere to this procedure.

Swimming Pool Closed Sign S 7089When an "ACCIDENT" does occur in the pool

When a bowel movement escapes into the pool, state law requires the pool to be closed and super cholrinated. This incures additional expenses to both the families whose classes are cancelled and rescheduled and to facility and administrative operations.

Pool closings occur about twice a year due to an "ACCIDENT". Please help us by bringing that to "0".

Thank You From The Staff of Family Swim School