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Eagan: 651-686-6225
Lakeville: 952-435-1898 

Warm Water Aerobics

Join dedicated and experienced Instructor Lindee Parsons as she enters her 8th year of welcoming and leading individuals of all abilities in a low-impact aerobic routine.

Water Temp: 90 Degree - Comfy Warm Water 
Days: Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 7:15-8:15 p.m.
Dates: Now through May 26, 2016.
Location: Lakeville - 10491 165th St. West
Daily Fee: $5.50  Summer $8

Tuesday's 7:15 -8:15 pm No Class 7/5

$55 (8 classes) June 14 - Aug. 9

Accessibility: Large Bay of Stairs
Registration: Drop-In's are Welcomed Each Evening
No Classes: School Breaks and Holidays

Warm water, shallow depth, accessible pool. Sound easy to follow the Dr.'s orders by taking a water exercise class? It is, but in addition to the pool, you will appreciate the privacy and simplicity of our single-use facility. 

All individuals benefit from Water Aerobics but the following special populations often find exercising in water easier than on land: Older Adults, Plus Size Individuals, Prenatal Women, Arthritic Individuals and those with "Twinges in their Hinges".
Splash Water Aerobics