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My 1st Swimming - Toddler


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Wigglefins  (11 - 21 months)
Wigglefins is the 2nd level of Aquatic Instruction for your infant/toddler. Ideally, you two will have participated in the Water Babies level, having fostered in your child a comfortable awareness of recreational water.

Water adjustment skills of bubble blowing, breath holding, floating, buoyancy, reaching and kicking are introduced and practiced weekly. Wigglefins kick a lot on their tummy's and back. This skill development in time gives them the ability to propel themselves steadily from an instructor to their parent with face submerged while holding their breath for 3 to 5 seconds. New to Wigglefins is the slide and/or jump into the water adding a 180 degree turn to the wall for safety. 

Weefins (22 - 34 months)
Weefins is the “top tier“ of Aquatic Instruction, with you the parent in the water. Ideally, you both will have gone through the Water Babies & Wigglefin levels, building a strong swimming foundation.

We continue with the above water adjustment skills in addition to introducing proper body position, vertical pre-treading and horizontal pre-stroke development of kicks and pulls. The amount of independent time with the instructor is increased to prepare your Weefin for parental independence at the next level of Tadfin. New to Weefins is the amount and distance of short swims between the instructor and parent, and from the parent to the wall.  Striving towards 5-7 seconds of breath holding with these swims.

Parent-child water safety skills, practical for all aquatic venues are introduced and used throughout class time. A key, in-water safety skill of, jumping in, making a 180 degree turn and swimming back to the safety wall is practiced on a weekly basis.

Tadfin - Level 1 (2 1/2 - 5 Years)
Tadfin Students are developing comfort and confidence in the aquatic classroom independent of their parent as they are introduced to the Family Swim School foundation of correct fundamental swimming and safety skills.

All children in "My 1st Swimming Classes" are  "Required" to wear Reusable Swim Diapers.
IP11SDGPinkFloweriplay swim diaper dinosaurs 76287 zoomDoNotUseSwimDiaper
These swim diapers have elastic fully around the leg and waistband are the only types designed to contain bowel movements and protect pools. Huggies Little Swimmer and Pampers Splashers are not designed to protect pools from such accidents. Please do not use them during swim classes.  Reusable swim diapers are available at each location.  Click on title for additional information.
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At Family Swim School we place your child at the center of learning. Their aquatics skills develop through games, songs, humor, praise, and appropriate educational activities.

Learning is a process, not a product, and should occur at the child’s pace when they are open, receptive, relaxed, and ready. True to our core concept of teaching correct swimming, learning to not thrash in the water takes patience, practice, and a great deal of time. As you develop and play with your child in class, the intent is to not only teach movement through the water, but foster exploration, curiosity, trust, joy, wonder, risk taking, confidence, grace, and enthusiasm.

We believe starting infants earlier fosters better development of a more kinesthetically developed swimmer, opening their eyes to a whole new world when their “feet leave the bottom of the pool“. Reintroducing your infant to the water makes perfect sense, after all, your little swimmer was surrounded by water in the womb just months earlier.

Providing an earlier opportunity for swimming has been proven to enhance advanced development in a number of pyscho-motor development skills including: Reaction Time, Power of Concentration, Intelligence, Social Behavior, Social Interaction, Self-Confidence, Independence, and Coping with new and unfamiliar situations.

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*When an "ACCIDENT" does occur in the pool state law requires the pool to be closed and super cholrinated. This incures additional expenses to both the families whose classes are cancelled and rescheduled and to facility and administrative operations. Pool closings occur about twice a year due to an "ACCIDENT". Please help us by bringing that to "0".  Thank You!

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