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Kingfin - Level 5 (6 1/2-12 years)
Kingfin Students are improving their efficiency with the four strokes as they fine-tune their technique; learn circle-swimming and underwater push-offs while swimming greater distances in a 15-meter course.
If your child can swim using their freestyle, backstroke & breaststroke and dolphin kick in good form for 15 meters, than this is the class they would start in.

Superfin & Steelfin (7-13 years)
Superfin/Steelfin Students are efficiently performing all four strokes. Competitive turns, intervals and endurance training are introduced and used in a 25-meter course. Lakeville Location.

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Older Beginners (7-12 years)

Your child is really ready to learn to swim but they are too old to start at
Tadfin or Jellyfin. We simply call the class Older Beginners. Their
instruction is geared toward their current ability integrating skills to develop
their strokes. Older Beginner classes are offered by request, thus you will not see the name on a class schedule. Please give us a call and we will work out a schedule for you and your child.

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