Early Childhood

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Early Childhood


Tadfin* - Level 1 (2 1/2-5 years)
Tadfin Students are developing comfort and confidence in the aquatic classroom independent of their parent as they are introduced to the Family Swim School foundation of correct fundamental swimming and safety skills. If your child only moves in the water while wearing extra floatation, than this is the class they would start in.

Jellyfin - Level 2 (3 1/2-6 years)
Jellyfin Students are striving to swim independently while learning skills supporting full stroke development, buoyancy and balance in the water. If your child moves in the water for a couple feet without floatation or assistance than this is the class they would start in.

Starfin - Level 3 (4 1/2-7 years)
Starfin Students are swimming independently while increasing their coordination in the proper development of the four strokes in a 10-meter course. If your child moves very comfortably through the water but without any type of swimming form, than this is the class they would start in.

Swordfin - Level 4 (5-9 years)
Swordfin Students are gaining strength and endurance while further developing proper performance of the four strokes in a 15-meter course. If your child can swim using their freestyle, backstroke & breaststroke in nice form, than this is the class they would start in.

 Afternoon Jellyfins.

*Reusable Swim Diapers -with elastic fully around the leg and waistband are the only types designed to contain bowel movements and protect pools. Huggies Little Swimmer and Pampers Splashers are not designed to protect pools from such accidents. Please do not use them during swim classes. Reusable swim diapers are available at each location. Required for Ages 3 and under.