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Tadfin to Steelfin (Levels 1-7)


Class Level's 1-7 are creatively "Named" and all ending with "FIN".

Level 1 begins with, no independent swimming up to Level 7 were children are efficiantly swimming laps with a purpose.

Placing your child is determined more by their ability than their age.  Instructional levels begin at four months flowing through to the early teen years. Individually, wherever your child's ability level is when they begin, our instructors move them forward from their starting point.

My 1st Swimming - Parent/Child Curriculum

1 - Tadfin
2 - Jellfin
3 - Starfin
4 - Swordfin
5 - Kingfin
6 - Superfin
7 - Steelfin



Class Size: 1- to 4 students/instructor (Tadfin-Steelfin)

Click below on your child's age group to determine their starting level.

Early Childhood  |  Primary Grades  |  Pre-Teen  |  Teen

Instructors follow a specific teaching progression beginning at the "Tadfin" level. Progressions focus on the development of Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly integrated with correct biomechanical posture and water safety. Students practice crossover aquatic skills, (which in time, your child will fully develop in preparation for the next level). Confidence, strength, and endurance along with correct stroke fundamentals is criteria for progressing through our program's flow of learning.

Tadfins (Level 1) shown are practicing the parts of their Breaststroke Kick