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schoolhouseMessaged on our Facebook Page September 26, 2012 Thank you to FSS!

Last night my daughter Julia (age 8) tried out for the Blackline Dolphins swim team. She's been swimming with Family Swim School since she was three (with sessions off from time to time), and it really showed last night at the tryout. Her technique -- straight arms, straight body, nice extension, even rhythms -- really stood out among the other kids who had really sloppy form (elbows all over, twisting bodies), even if they could "do" the strokes. Her Family Swim School training was striking! I'm so grateful for the foundation in good technique you've given my kids, and for the strong start in competitive swimming Julia and Hannah have. Worth every penny!

Julia was placed in AG3. She's so excited. Hannah was placed in Novice, although I think we'll just stay at Family Swim School for a while until she's more ready for the increased time commitment.

Best wishes and thank you to you all!

Sara Yaeger

Carol is incredibly knowledgeable and caring. She made a connection with Jesse, developed trust, and Jesse is thriving. This school is phenomenal! All of the teachers we've worked with in the past year have quickly helped our daughter overcome her fears. She is becoming a strong and confident swimmer and she loves it !!

Thank You,
Dani P.

Ms. Carol has taught with Family Swim School for 21 years.

Marjory always goes above and beyond. She has worked so much with Evelyn, we are so grateful for all she has done. Evelyn has grown to be such a strong swimmer because of her excellent instruction. Marjory was the first teacher Evelyn and Oliver had 2 years ago. It's been fun to watch the kids grow under her instruction.

Thank You,
Aarah P.

Ms. Marjory has taught with Family Swim School for 19 years.

Mary patience and calm demeanor have helped ease my son Shae's fears of the water. My 4 year old son has always been very anxious about being in water where his feet don't touch the bottom. Family Swim School is the first place who have been successful at easing his fears. He is so proud of himself !!

Thank you,
Alison S.

Ms. Mary has taught with Family Swim School for 13 years.

Charisse has displayed great instruction in a very safe environment ! Gentle guidance by all teachers have made learning to swim a very positive experience for Shannon !

Betsy J.

Ms. Charisse has taught with Family Swim School for 8 years.

Jerry is applauded for his awesome sense of humor, welcoming personality, patience and encouragement for the kids. Thank you for your special way of connecting with them and inspiring them to do great ! We love the Family Swim School ! You have helped us make huge strides in our kids swimmig skills !

Thank you !
Tanya B.

Mr. Jerry has taught with Family Swim School for 7 years.

Lynnsay is the main reason Grace, my 4 year old Starfin, is so successful with her swimming. Lynssay has instilled confidence in her while being very attentive to her needs. She has advanced her skills very much ! I have never had a bad experience at Family Swim School ! All of our instructors appear genuine in caring for these kids. Really great service and quality product from sign up to class completion.

Lisa H..

Ms. Lynnsay has taught with Family Swim School for 7 years.

Celeste has instructed my children for several years. They love being in her class and tend to grasp concepts quickly under her instruction.

Cindy L.

Ms. Celeste has taught with Family Swim School for 6 years.

Jessica has made a great connection with Abby and she has really progressed this session. Jessica as well as all teachers Abby has worked with have been fabulous ! I especially appreciate how Family Swim School caters to each skill level even if it varies in the class. Abby has been challenged, but still has a tremendous time at swimming !

Thank you !
Dana S.

Ms. Jessica has taught with Family Swim School for 1 year.